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If you have and emergency with your computer or network please call Bill at 609.892.7888.

For all WEB design needs please contact Beth at 609.407.1941.




Bill Schwoer:

Custom built computers, personal computer repair, home or office networks, data backup/recovery and wireless networks...

Beth Epstein:

Ask about our Merchant Services Account programs, Web sites, business cards, letterhead, other marketing materials, and broadcast production campaigns...

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Many people are confused by the terms Web Hosting, Webmaster and DNS. We try to make things as easy to understand as possible for our clients. 

Webmaster: The person responsible for the design, implementation, management, and maintenance of your web site.

DNS:  Domain Name System (Domain Name), which is the text name corresponding to a specific unique numeric IP address on computer within the internet.  You can obtain a domain name yourself or we can guide you through the process of setting up your domain name.  (Think of this as a car...)

Web Host: The company providing server space for your web site.  (If your Domain Name is thought of as a car, your Web Host is the parking lot.)

Webmaster services for a new  web sites:

  • Domain Name assistance.

  • We can provide both Web Hosting and Webmaster services.

  • Other clients obtain the hosting themselves and ask us for Webmaster services only.

  • Always accessible by phone. (It is cause for concern when a company will only allow you to contact them by e-mail.) 

  • We are completely flexible and open minded.  No matter which route you take, we will create an amazing web site for you.

Webmaster services for existing web sites:

  • Need to switch to a more Reliable web host or webmaster, we can help.
  • Need to Re-design your existing web site, we are the company for you.
  • Ask about hosting plans under $60 per year.
  • Webmaster fees are determined by an hourly rate.




All package plans up an running within 1 week! (Note, package plans are template based)

Custom plans are available to fit all individual needs.  

Contact Beth for your new web package today! HERE

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We strive to get our clients the best rates for Domain Names and Hosting Accounts. Get a Hosting plan for under $5 a month or Domain Names under $10!

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